Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vigo, Spain 2May2015

Vigo is located in north west of Spain
not far from Portugal border
facing Atlantic ocean.

We had Summer and bad sun burn yesterday in Lisbon
but today, it is very chilly and windy here in Vigo.

Cruise terminal is right at the city
and it took only few minutes to reach
the main street with retail shops.

 Our ship ms Eurodam is bringing more than 
2,000 passengers into this small port city
and there was another large cruise ship 
docked before us already.
So, in and out of the port terminal 
has been a little busy and challenge.


 suppose these costumes are Galician as Vigo is in Spanish region of Galicia???

We, as seafood lover, found this street first,
and it is called Oyster street or market
where seafood restaurants are lined up.

 We enjoyed dish we ordered but 
they are not quite something we had in mind.
Another case of order gone wrong during translation, I suppose...

 I went up to the top of the hill

 Our ship ms Eurodam

It was bit hard to imagine with weather we had today
but Vigo is supposedly famous for seafood like mussel and oyster
as well as beautiful beaches!

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