Saturday, July 11, 2015

St Isaac's Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia 12May2015

We wanted to try Russian food for lunch
in between visits Savior on the Spilled Blood
and St Isaac's Cathedral.

We were under the impression that 
our guide Anna was very pleased with us
not looking for a western fast food chain.

She lead us to a restaurant called Koleso 
near St Isaac's Cathedral.

 It was empty when we got there
but filled with customers and other group tourists soon.

 Anna and Slava ordered this simple soup dish 
while I had Palmeni (beef ravioli)
and Greg had beef stroganoff.

They were all excellent and delicious!

 beef stroganoff

 Russian Palmeni

 Greg, Anna and Slava with the car,
in front of many many churches and cathedrals
in the city.

 Jewish synagogue.

We are thrilled with the idea that
Anna and Slava are more than happy to accommodate
our special requests like visiting Synagogue.


 Rabbi was very friendly and asked us to go back inside the hall 
so that he could take a photo of us.

Mazel tov!

 It is said that this is the second biggest synagogue
in Europe.

St Isaac's Cathedral (built in 1858) was 
once the biggest cathedral in Russia
and has capacity of 14,000 standing worshipers.

The Dome is gilded with 100kg of gold
and the Cathedral is ranked as the best 
in the world for its richness of interior decoration.

 Astoria hotel right next to the Cathedral

 a statue of bronze horseman

 granite pillar

For more details on the Cathedral below

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