Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nice, French Riviera, Monaco 25Apr2015

Our tour bus left Eze,
medieval town on a top of the hill
headed down to Nice in the afternoon.

Rain kept falling but not a lot.

One of landmarks of Nice
'The Square Head' sculpture by French artist
Sacha Sosno

 Pebble beach on Nice

 Flower market
Flower market

a market

 This is where late Princess of Monaco, 
Grace Kelly had an accident and died.

According to local rumour, 
Grace let her teenager daughter 
Stephane to drive before the accident.

Amazing properties around in this part of the world.

Rich and Famous!!! 

Our tour guide was dropping names like
British monarch family, Russian Tzars, Rothschild family,
Picasso, Matisse, Somerset Maugham, 
Elton John, Brigitte Bardot, Bono from U2...
It would have been absolutely 
more fabulous scene and site 
if it was fine and sunny 
but I really enjoyed the tour today!

It shall be next time, I hope.

I love French Riviera!

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