Friday, July 10, 2015

Tallinn, Estonia 11May2015

Tallinn, Estonia is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland,
80km south of Helsinki, Finland, east of Stockholm, Sweden 
and west of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Tallinn's Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Old town is merely 500m from the pier.

Tallinn's old town view from the cruise ship

Yep! It was freezing cold and windy when 
we got off the ship in the morning!

We were told later by a local that 
it was beautiful with temperature of 20 C yesterday.

 Viru gate leads us to the old town centre

 St. Nicholas church and museum behind the Town Hall Square

Lovely buildings around the Town Hall Square

 We were recommended to try this tiny restaurant 
for authentic hearty local food from a staff on board.

It has very dark interior of medieval atmosphere 
and there was a woman in their traditional costume at the entrance.

Something smelled very meaty when we entered.
She said it is Elk soup when asked.

Greg was put off by it but I would have tried.

 This restaurant can be found 
on the corner of the town hall building

 St. John's church at Freedom Square

 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral on top of the hill

 Parliament building across the Cathedral

 Charming cobble stoned street

Lots of restaurants on the Square but
it was bit early for lunch yet.

 We found this little cosy cafe near the town hall square
 Hot chocolate with ginger and chilli was so good!

 Must be a lot of Witches and Amber in town

 Most prominent view of Old Tallin with these red top towers

 There are so many souvenir shops selling especially Amber

 An Archer
 We were very impressed with old medieval charm and beauty in Tallinn

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