Monday, July 6, 2015

Vernazza, Cinque terre, Italy 23Apr2015

 We arrived in Vernazza shortly after scenic boat ride
on rugged Ligurian region of Italian riviera.

According to our tour guide, 
Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso
which we are visiting today are 
the prettiest and the most scenic places
out of five villages that form Cinque terre.

 Passing through Corniglia, one of five villages by boat

Arriving in Vernazza

 There were more than five hundreds tourists 
in this little village from our ship alone.
And they all wanted to have lunch at the same time.

We missed the right time to find a table 
after taking time and wandering around the village first.
All the restaurant and cafe tables must have been occupied fairly soon.
So we were forced to compromise with take away focaccia.
How boring and it was not even hot.

But we managed to find a table in a cafe a little while later
and we were quite happy with the coffee at least.

 There is a black pebble beach 
once you pass this little tunnel
from the village centre

 Accidentlly, I found a narrow curved alley 
which led me to the top of the hill 
where I could look down the whole village.

 Greg just could not pass this gelato shop especially in Italy
while I was salivating over lemons
thinking of a glass of cool limoncello.

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