Sunday, July 12, 2015

Peterhof, St Petersburg, Russia 13May2015

 After wonderful Russian authentic food 
as a lunch in Pushkin,
we were heading to Peterhof 
where is about 30km away from 
St Petersburg to the west on Gulf of Finland.

Wish it was better with sun shine
but can't have it all perfect!
At least, rain stopped 
while we were having lunch.

The Palace and the park was built for Peter the Great 
who was inspired by Paris's Versailles and
it has been a Summer residence for Russian monarchs
for two centuries.

 A barge with Royal family would come by
all the way from St Petersburg and 
come through this canal to the palace.

 Samson fighting with a lion

 There are 150 fountains and 5 cacades in Peterhof.
None of them work with pumps as they use the power of gravity.

 lovely Anna, our tour guide for two days

 hydrofoil we got on to go back to St Petersburg 
and it took about 45 minutes

It was truely impressive and memorable two days in St Petersburg
and finishing it with fantastic golden statues of fountains
and pavilions on lovely park in Peterhof!

No wonder there have been so many prominent
residents who call St Petersburg a home!
They were Dostoevsky, Pushkin. Gogol, Rubinstein, Stravinsky, Shostakovich
and current politician Medvedev and Putin.

Sadly, it is time to say good bye to this wonderful place.

We were absolutely satisfied with the service from 
Anastasia travel, especially Anna the guide and Slava the driver.

What a way to enjoy this magnificent city
escorted by such professionals!

We are highly recommending them to anyone who
like to come and experience Russian hospitality in style.

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