Thursday, July 2, 2015

Emirates A380 to Barcelona from Dubai 16Apr2015

Fly with one of the best air lines in the world in it's first class was quite an experience!

Couldn't believe the Emirates allocated a whole floor on huge Dubai airport 
just for the first class lounge and direct access to the plane exclusively!


Interior of A380 is very spacious and finished in beautiful glossy burl.
There are 4 seats on each row and we took window seats each.

There are three flight attendants serving first class and 
there were only three passengers occupied on our flight.

We were absolutely impressed by their detailed service
and quality commodity.

I ended up drinking 7 glasses of Dom with black caviar.
I was one very happy passenger.

Bathroom facility was very generous in space and 
the inside of shower cubicle was surprisingly big as well.

7 hour flight was rather pleasure in the end.

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