Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cadiz, Spain 30Apr2015

We have been here probably three times already!

Seville tour was the most memorable
but Cadiz itself is a very charming little port.

Cadiz from the cruise 
 Our cruise ship ms Eurodam docked at the pier

 Market in the city centre where we just discovered this time!

 Freshest seafood
 snails for sale

We found this restaurant next to the market
Super friendly waiter try to explain that 
this snail dish is complimentary.
I have never had this before but looks similar to
seafood that I used to have when I was little.
These were actually really delicious!
Sangria looks quite colourful, too.
We tried to order seafood tapas but 
ended up having this dish instead.

Wasn't quite the ones we had in mind.
Probably our intension was lost in translation.

We later found out that these restaurants
actually cook seafood for you for a small fee 
once you bought them from the market.
 Snail dish is everywhere!
It must be one of local delicacy!

Cadiz has been our secret pitt stop for shopping.
No exception for this time!
Beautiful shirts with unique designs with 
one third of Sydney price!
Love it!

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