Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark 19-20May2015

We were back to Copenhagen after visiting
wonderful ports in Baltics.

It was overnight port for cruise passengers who are
staying on but we have to say good bye to
our ship ms Eurodam tomorrow morning
when we disembark.

 First, we went into Tivoli garden while sun was out
and enjoyed the beautiful garden with spring flowers around.
It has also theme park with various rides that make children excited.

There is a bit of China in the garden
 and a bit of India
 and plenty of gorgeous tulips 
 and other flowers

 And of course, lots of eateries from fast food to find dinning...
We had a lovely time in the garden.

 Copenhagen train station next to the garden

 local cinema building Palads

 Trinitatis Kirke (church) near the busy street of Stroget

 blankets to wrap around yourself for unpredicted weather
at out-door tables in restaurants and cafes

 Stroget, the street in Copenhagen

 Interesting decoration at the entrance of building basement.
This pair is the best ones that I have seen.

 It was a nice and easy day, just walking around the city centre 
again and explored the area where I have not been before.

The next day when we disembarked the ship, 
we took a ship's tour that takes us to the airport  
and it includes city panoramic tour and the little mermaid.

Royal guards changing ceremony at the Palace

 One can not leave Denmark without saying 
hello to famous Little Mermaid statue.

It is really small but at least it is much bigger than
the pissing boy statue in Brussels!

 Copenhagen is City of bicycle

 King's Garden

 Rosenborg castle

A gentleman near Town Hall Square in 
Christian Andersen's attire is seen often enough
to become a landmark for locals

All good things come to an end.

Our 31 day cruise from Mediterranean
to Baltics is ending here in Copenhagen.

We both agreed that the itinerary of this cruise
was the best one we have ever done!

5 sea days out of 31 day cruise might have sounded
a little bit challenging and demanding physically.
But, we were so pleased that we have managed it quite easily.

Thanks to wonderful crew and staff on board who
made it easier with their friendly service and hospitality!

The tour bus took us to the airport 
in the middle of afternoon with our 4 luggage.

We were then taking off with SAS air from Copenhagen
to Heathrow, London for a week of adventure 
before returning to home in Sydney.

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