Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Valencia, Spain 27Apr2015

We have never been Valencia before
but we learnt a lot about
this city that offers so much
to tourists like us.

Valencia turns out to be a lot more than
famous orange and Lladro porcelains.

City of history and modern
reside in harmony
and shinning in it's beauty!

We pre-booked a ship's tour of 
'Lladro factory and panoramic Valencia'

 It was really interesting to see 
the whole process of 
those beautifully detailed porcelains 
are made by hand.

It is almost a rocket science
to figure out how many and how thick
that pieces of each mould is calculated 
and designed and put together perfectly in the end!

Unfortunately, photos are not allowed 
during the tour of the factory
and the displayed porcelains,
but there is website that 
those beautiful Lladro work of art
can be viewed on line instead.

 Central market

 Iberico Jamones are everywhere!

 inside the market

 City of Arts and Sciences

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