Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tokyo Tour Apr13

We were lucky with weather again!
Second day in Yokohama after the overnight rain was absolutely fine with crispy wind blown from Mt. Fuji in Spring time in Japan!!!

View of Yokohama port from the cruise ship.

We both have been in Tokyo many times previously.

We still booked Tokyo Day Tour offered by our travel agent Cruise Specialists.
First of all, travel in between the port Yokohama and Tokyo would be hectic depends on the traffic.
We were also expected to go with shuttle bus to the station, train to Tokyo then subway lines and return to Yokohama in time before ship's sail away etc.
We figured it will not be so easy especially when none of us speak Japanese fluently.

Japanese Sake is Heo's favourate!
Never realised that there are so many different brands?

' Torii'
The gate that Japanese believe that crosses the line in between the real life and the sacred world.

One has to purify one's hands and mouth before entering Japanese shrine or temple here with sacred water.
"You are not drinking that water, Greg, are you?"

Write down your wish on a piece of paper or wooden panel and hang it around the tree then your wish will come true.
Well, sooner or later. hhh

Nice and clean Meiji Shingu shrine.

Beautiful day in Spring with Jules and Marcia who are convinced by us to join the tour.
Photos are not allowed beyond this point.
This is where foreign VIPs are treated and accommodated.

There is Niju bashi (Double Bridge) around the corner.
Niju bashi is nick name for the Japanese Emperor's residence.

A cherry blossom tree is enjoyed by passer-bys and us in a street of Ginza.

Our highlight of the day "Lunch Time"
Our group of about 100 passengers are lead to the restaurant called 'Gonpachi' in the middle of Tokyo's commercial district area Ginza.

Japanese cook is busy BBQing but managed to smile at our camera.
Why do just about all Japanese sign V for their photo shot?
Please, explain?

Ginza Gonpachi special Tapas with tofu as appetizer

Heo is always happy on gourmet foods.

Minced chicken on stick with Teriyaki sauce and Yakidori chicken.
Sooooo yummy!!!
Best dish of the whold course.

Grilled black cod marinated in Miso and deep-fried prawn dumpling with crispy noodle followed by freshly cooked assorted Tempura!
Absolutely beautiful!

How cool is that?
Our tour group bumped into John and Diane on Ginza!
John and Diane are met by Japanese student Yoya-san and doing their own city tour today.
Yoya-san was on holiday in US when he met with John and Diane in California where they live. Now it is his turn to show his city to guests from overseas.
Next destination Temple in Asakusa

One of few temples in down town in Tokyo

Must be funeral at the moment inside the Temple.

These little things can keep evil spirits away from you if you keep it around your body.
I think I can afford that price as long as I believe that theory?

Big renovation is undergoing at the moment behind the dragon.
Little lane in front of the Temple which is also very famous for it's street with hundreds of shops

Parade of paper lanterns

One of the souvenir shops in front of the Temple

We are not ordinary cats!
We bring fortune to you if you buy me!

Sweets made of sweet beans and chestnut etc.
Tanko, Manju, Anko and Senve cookies......

Highschool kids in uniforms according to the Japanese Imperialism

A cute little Japanese cafe

"I carry this all day and sell sticky rice cake balls in skewers.
Would you like a sample?"

On the way to the Temple but not for converting to a Budhist!
Not the way of Japanese shinto Budhism anyway!

Beautiful Japanese architects!!!

I am not sure this man is a Japanese monk?

New Tokyo Tower is being built.

Farewell performance at the pier of Yokohama for us.
Von voyage!

Beautiful sun set in Yokohama port.
Big Ferris wheel in distance is lit as sun is going down.

Bye bye Honshu
Bye bye Tokyo

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