Thursday, April 29, 2010

Suite dinner in Osaka Apr10

On first night at Kobe, all suite passengers and passengers on balcony deck on whole world cruise are invited by the cruise ship.
We were taken to Osaka near Osaka castle and the restaurant was nicely set-up with traditional Japanese garden.

Assorted appetizers look great but not so much for some Americans who are not into raw fish.
No problem for Heo who is so much into raw fish and champaign. ^^

Greg with Char who is a travel consultant on board.

Japanese Shamusen played by local performers.

Nice Japanese garden with cherry blossoms.

Some would have thought we are going to sit down on the floor for dinner? hu hu hu

Cherry tofu, scallop in Japanese dash(soup) and sashimi are the first course.

Some Samurai swordmen are practising their skill on the stage to entertain us!

More sashimi!
Different fish, of course.

This Samurai is not so scary and is rather cute?!

Americans call it Kobe beef but Japanese and Aussies call it Wagyu beef.

"Yoht! Give me your neck, Gregy san"
Greg's performance is same level as Oscar nominee!

Nice looking sweets!
I am sure it was most of people's favourate!!!

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