Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally South Korea, Jeju Island Apr08

Spring time in South Korea when cherry blossoms are on peak, we arrive in Jeju Island sothern most part of the country.
I got up early with excitement as I have not been back to my country for 16 years.
Although, Jeju is not my hometown, I have a friend living here.
He and his wife must be waiting for me at the pier.

Passenger terminal

We have this special welcome performance from the local.

It was so great to see old friend when we got off the ship.
We were going to invited them for a breakfast on the ship.
But, we were so disappointed when we learned that my friends are not allowed to be on board, even though, I pre-arranged with the ship to clear them as visitors.
They are cleared as visitors as they are on the list from the ship when I checked it earlier but, their visit was denied from the country's authority.
There has not been a problem in Hong Kong and other ports when we had our friends on board to show around the ship.
My complaint was ignored by the pier official.
We were told that no one was given a permission to be on board the ship.

It was such a disappointment for all of us but my friend and his wife took us to Halim park where is about 50 minutes drive from the port.

Nice Spring time in Jeju

Sculpture and Shiseki and Korean bunjai(Bonsai in Japanese) are nicely set-up.

Bunjai pots

Unique Jeju style folk village is also a part of the park.

Stone made out of lava called 'Dol Harubang' is a landmark of this volcanic Island

Tulips make you to realise the early spring time.

Beautiful cherry blossoms.
Would they be still welcoming us when we arrive in Japan in few days?

My friend Dr Boo has his dental practice in Jeju

This is such a feast for lunch invited by my friend who also knows the restaurant owner personally.

Abalone sashimi!!!!

These rare and exotic fish sashimi dish is really a treat.

This is Mungae sashimi(there is no translation in English for this seafood and it is not a fish)

Sushi is one of them, of course.

Oh, this is shellfish sashimi!!!

Sashimi set as a main course.
How did he read my mind as these are exact food set-up in my mind earlier on.
Thank you very much!!!
I have been mainly on American style foods for the last 3 months.

I was holding Korean flag at our suite balcony as my friends are waving us from the port.
Out of 43 ports we visit on this whole cruise, Jeju port is the only one that ship departs at 2pm when ship usually leaves about 5 or 6 pm in other countries.
It was another disappointment with such a short visit in Jeju while ship docks for 2 days in big cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tienjin(Beijing), Kobe(Osaka) and Yokohama(Tokyo).
However, we had fantastic time in Jeju and sincere farewell to my friends who gave us such a nice treat and warm welcome time of theirs.

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