Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter buffet

I can not help myself to post all these photos of foods as we love to eat!

Plenty of Sushi for Koreans and some Japanese!
They are good enough, even though, they are made by Philiphino chef!

Champaign, fresh delicious fruits and chocolate eggs!

So many slices of cheese!

Assorted cold cuts. Yum.

Smoked ish, marinated fish and fresh fish...

Tower of shrimp

Greg was so excited on these.
Guess what?
Sweets, of course!
While, Heo's eyes are setting on champaigne bottles!

Bakeries moved here!

You just name them, sir!
We will serve you.
(Hygenic standard is pretty strict here)

How long did it take to carve this ice block?

Such a huge icecream containers awaiting us!!

Marzipan sits pretty in color alongside of these pieces of torte.
But, we came here to take photos only.
ha ha

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