Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kobe Apr10

Apart from Japanese traditional drum performance in Kagoshima, a local highschool music band is playing western musics to greet our ship at Kobe port.
Arriving in port at lunch time which means we only have half day here.

Kobe from our balcony

Our lovely neighbor Loren and Gail from South Dakota.
They joined the cruise from Hong Kong and Kobe is their last port of their segment.

We decided to do it our own tour here same as Kagoshima.
Complement shuttle bus to town centre provided by local shore authority took us to China town.
China town in Kobe is the second largest in Japan.

Japanised Chinese foods are somewhat different to what I am used to in Sydney.

Bustling street in China town

Black dumpling?
Would it be made of squid ink?

Pink motorbike looks good in downtown Kobe.

My lunch bento box with Udong soup was yummy!

We took a hop on hop off bus and it took us around the town in an hour.

Cherry blossom in Japan!
Sakura was still waiting for us!
People are enjoying picnic under the trees and blossoms.

We have found nice pair of casual shoes.
Their prices were reasonable.
We have bought 3 pairs. he he

Is tomorrow night theme at the restaurant Japanese Kimono?
We can not really wear these, though.
I have not got even Korean traditional costumes.

Hop of hop off bus we took.

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