Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tienanmun night and day, Beijing Apr 06

What a beautiful day in Beijing!
It was just as I expected after the rain overnight.

It was rather quiet as it was early in the morning when our tour group arrived in this historic place.
The square was soon packed with thousands of pilgrims in queue to view and pay respects to their great leader in Mao's musolium.
Hard to imagine this place now to compare to the famous photo with tanks and protesters!

Soldiers marching around the square.

In front of Mao's musolium.

Thousands of people in line to get inside the building to view Mao in glass coffin.
Do they really look for a dead body who looks like Mao to replace the dead for display over and over?

If one could have a day off, one would not mind this field trip to the Musolium!

And, the line goes on.....

And on....
I would be so glad that I am not in that line.

Night view from the other end of the squre.

This photo is taken from the Peking Duck restaurant.

This tiger will brign fortune as it is written on a circle as this year is the year of Tiger!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Better late than never.

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