Thursday, April 29, 2010

A night at Bijing Peninsula & Peking Duck dinner Apr 05

Overnight tour organised by our travel agent in Seattle CSI booked a nice hotel in Bijing city centre for us.
It was raining and cold night but it will clear all the smog in the sky so that we could have fabulous day for tomorrow.

Guess! How many orchid plants have been put in to creat this beautiful flower arrangement?

These horses in the hotel loby are actually from Tang dynasty.
Yeh, right. h h

Nice room with good city street view, hur?

Jing restaurant where we had breakfast!

Eloise and Greg are so ready to go out for Peking dinner :-)

There is no shortage of private function rooms in this legendary restaurant "Chen chr de"

According to our tour guide, Peking Duck dish originated from the this restaurant.

Appetizers are nicely set-up on the table for our group, already!

Of course, one of the main dish is Peking duck!

After delicious appetizer, next courses include below:
Brised duck leg with wild pepper
Diced duck with cashew nuts
Sweet and sour duck with pineapple
Beef fillet with mixed vegetables
Sauteed duck with vegetables
Stir fried vegetables
Quanjude roast duck
Duck bone soup
Fruits and chinese sweets
I thought we had the very best Peking duck in Hong Kong few weeks ago, but that was not until tonight at this restaurant.
This is really special to have the best Peking duck in Bijing.

From right, Heo, Greg, Eloise, Ellen from CSI, Sky and Jim & Penny all enjoying gourmet dishes.

Come on Greg, there is no more dish to come, let's go.

Everybody is happy!
Even Heo can't hide his smile!

In front of the restaurant as we leave.
This beautiful street where the restaurant is located with nice old and new Chinese style buildings can be found just a stone throw away from the Tien an mun square!

It is bit chilly tonight with rain in this early Spring.
How about this little scooter taxi ride home?

No, actually I prefer this ricksaw driver from the Qing dynasty.

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