Sunday, May 28, 2017

Penang Butterfly Farm, Malaysia

The cruise shore excursion we took today in Penang was 
included in visiting two mansions, butterfly farm and
 visiting Thai & Burmese Buddhist temples.

It basically drives us around the whole island of Penang
 through lush rainforests.

It started raining heavily when we arrived at the butterfly farm.

We thought the farm is indoor but wondered 
why we were given umbrellas as entered.

It is actually open air with mesh dome so
we were quite wet even with umbrellas on...

But butterflies are abundant and still flying around. 

Obviously these butterflies love fresh juice of pineapple.

A local hotel we stop for buffet lunch.
Was rather disappointing as foods were not authentic local..

A small street vendor we bumped into on our way to the butterfly farm.
They showed us their fresh fruits and spices.

Cocoa fruit which is main ingredient for chocolates.

Bettel nuts from one of palm trees.
South Asians and Indians make chewing snack out of this.
Allegedly, this gives you a high like a some sort of drug.

Fresh version of herb, cloves

Beautiful snakes are greeting us 
as entered through the butterfly farm.

So are hundreds of scorpions.

Pretty but deadly poisonous frog.

Tarantula spider

Wasn't so easy as expected to take good photos of these beautiful butterflies
as they fly around constantly but I did my best with my camera. ^^;

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