Monday, May 8, 2017

Chinese tea tasting in Shanghai Yu Garden

A view from the Tea House in Yu Garden, Shanghai 

Old charm of Chinese roof lines 

Two of the tallest buildings in Shanghai in a distance.
Yu garden must be not far from Huangpu river and Puxi.

Jade table for Chinese tea tasting 

We tried about 10 different Chinese tea 

A ball shape tea starts blossoming like a magic
when hot water is poured into 

How much???
Sorry but I think I can buy this box of tea 
much cheaper in Sydney China Town than here...

 There were so many tourists both local and overseas..

My favourite food of all time!!!
Soup dumpling Xiao Long Bao.
These buns are about 5 times bigger than usual!

According to my Shanghaian friend in Sydney,
this restaurant has got the best Xiao Long Bao in town.

But, our tour group went to the next door restaurant for lunch.
And it was very touristic awful food.
Disappointing... :(

But I was very happy to see this beautiful pavilion 
with zig zag bridge again in 7 years.

A flying dragon on top of the fence 

Street food style snacks for locals 

Chinese arts and crafts market vendors 

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