Friday, May 12, 2017

Elegant ship Queen Mary 2 after $120M Refit

Futuristic design 
Wusongkou International cruise terminal.

It took about 45 minutes bus ride
from the Hyatt on the bund where we stayed for two nights 
to this outer cruise terminal.

There is another international cruise terminal
right next to the Hyatt on the bund in the city centre 
but Queen Mary 2 is too big to cruise 
through Huangpu river to get there.

Wusongkou terminal is on the ocean side.

Check-in was smooth and efficient.
There were about 600 passengers embark and disembark here 
who are joining the Queen Mary 2 
120 day World Cruise.

Less than 20 minutes,
we were already in our cabin and so were our two suitcases.

Welcome bottle for Platinum member!
Thank you!

Launched in 2003 but Cunard spent about $120M
last year for refit.
Whole interior looks as new and beautiful!

Night club G-32

Spa club


Deck 12 
The Lookout deck 

There are passengers who are enjoying suntan
as well as some people playing shuffle board game.

Golf swing practice.

One of many pools on Deck 11.

This one is only for those who are in Queens grill
and Princess grill 

Indoor pool on deck 12.
Pavilion Bar & Pool with two jacuzzis
where I came and enjoyed every afternoon.

Deck 7 for jogging and walking.
Mostly, people found here on the deck chairs are either
reading or having a nap.

Spare propellers on deck 7 look rather some sort of art display.

This place often turns into cinema
and place for lectures.

The entrance of Illuminations.

Round screen on the ceiling becomes movie screen
when they play space science movies.

Just relax and sit back on a reclining chair to enjoy
 Planetarium movies or afternoon nap. ^^;;

The front desk
Purser's Office on deck 2

Casino is also on deck 2 

Atrium on deck 2 with big flower arrangement

Hallway in between Purser's office
and the main dinning restaurant

Art gallery

To get to the Queen's Room,
passengers have to walk through the art gallery.

Elegant Queen's Room is a big hall 
for high teas and balls.
They also hold daily dance class here.

Shops on deck 3

Ship's main theatre
Royal Court
where shows are on twice every night
and is located on deck 2 and 3.

We had 4 formal nights in our first week!
I have been warned...

It is very nice to see so many people are wearing tuxedos
 and ball gowns as per Cunard's reputation.

Quite a scene compare to the trend on other cruise ships
which more and more people prefer casual outfits.

Jacket is required for gentlemen every night

Piano bar on deck 9 for cocktails.
The Commodore bar 

There is a book shop and
a library with big collection of books and magazines.

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