Friday, May 19, 2017

Hong Kong Kaitak Cruise Terminal & Kowloon Park

After two sea days since we embarked Queen Mary 2,
we arrived in Hong Kong.

It has been the Ocean terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon 
where we usually dock on our previous cruise trips 
and it has been an over night or two nights port of call.

But, we docked at Kaitak cruise terminal this morning where
it used to be infamous airport where 
airplanes take off in between tall apartments.
And we sail out on a same day this time.

New cruise terminal is so spacious and has a cool modern look.

Thankfully, there is free shuttle buses run from Kaitak terminal
to Tsim Sha Tsui every half an hour.
It took about 20 minutes.

Our plan today is to meet and catch up with local friends in town.

Clock tower next to Star Ferry terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui

Our local friends took us to a Chinese restaurant for Yum cha.
We haven't seen each other for two years so we have lots to catch up.

Bit of twist in this dish called Loh ma kai 
which is my favourite Dim sum.
Sticky rice wrapped in omelet.
Usually it is wrapped in Lotus leave.

Dim sum lunch at Sydney Yum cha restaurants became 
our monthly routine.
But I haven't tried this dish made of radish before.
It was delicious!

We are taking full advantage of local knowledge from our friends.

Another Dim sum that I tried for the first time.
Pork BBQ sweet bun.

I have been to Hong Kong for more than 10 times
but I have never been to Kowloon park before.
I couldn't believe it for myself!

After lunch we decided to walk along side of busy Nathan Road
and walked up to this park.

Lucky to have this stunning weather today!
We were told that it was raining all day with strong wind yesterday.

I was impressed by it's size!
So much of space in the middle of town!
Hong Kong has one of the most expensive property value in the world!

Ferry terminal for Macao and other Chinese ports.

No Smoking!!!
Refuelling time.

Beautiful night view of the harbour!

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