Thursday, May 18, 2017

Parade of food on board, Queen Mary 2

Main dinning room on deck 2 & 3.
The Britannia restaurant includes Britannia Club.

This is where most of passengers have dinner
on two seating arrangements.

First dinning starts at 6pm
and the second one starts at 8:30pm.

We had pre arranged a table for two on the second seating.

Queens grill and Princess grill passengers
have their own restaurants each exclusively on deck 7.

Most of dinner tables are occupied as the cruise is full.

Few passengers go to the pub for pub food like fish & chips etc
and very few goes to the Verandah restaurant
where is an alternative dinning venue with extra charges applied.

We have never gone to the buffet for dinner!

After the introduction of the head chef who orchestrates 
the team of 235 chefs and crew in the kitchen,
there was a parade of chefs.

Photos below are few samples of what we had for dinner for 20 nights on board.

Duck liver parfait and berry jam as an appetiser

Lamb cutlets as a main

Sirloin steak became my favourite

Ice cream and sorbet 

Duck breast 

Delicious Curry with papadum.

The head chef is an Indian British.

9 out of 10 times, I ordered fish dish
and they delivered it every time.

Barramundi fish fillet

Prawn dish

Fresh fruit platter is available every night.


Lobster tail 

Beef vindaloo 




Chicken & seafood 

Petite four with candied ginger.

Overall, every dish I ordered for dinner was full of flavour and delicious.
Soup was always hot and tasty, too.

Main buffet at Kings Court restaurant 
where we had breakfast every morning.

We chose to have lunch at the Britannia restaurant as
this buffet can be quite over crowded with 
large number of passengers at once for lunch time.

But I came up to the buffet for pre lunch
 sushi and sashimi dish from time to time! ^^

Buffet food was not much different to other cruise liners 
except they are very tasty.

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