Saturday, May 27, 2017

Famous two mansions in Penang, Malaysia

Penang Island, Malaysia from the top deck of Queen Mary 2 .

We have taken a shore excursion here in Penang.

Beautifully decorated Peranakan mansion in the morning
and Cheong Fatt Tze mansion (aka Blue mansion) in the afternoon.

Our tour guide's comment was very much focusing about the Feng Shui 
and this mansion was built as an ideal.

Court yard is the centre of Chi.

Heavily decorated roof and backyard shrine walls 

Formal dinning room

Informal family dinning room

Little Buddhist shrine in backyard 

Casual dinning in the corner of their big kitchen 

Spice and herb cabinets for cooking in the kitchen

A table and stools made of natural Jade stones 

A living room on 1st floor


Cheong Fatt Tze mansion (Blue mansion)
Mr Cheong is referred as Rockefeller of the East!
Originally he is from southern China but has made his fortune
 through Indonesia and Malaysia and other parts of Asia.
He built this mansion for his 7th wife who was his favourite.

Indigo is quite unusual colour for houses and buildings in South Asia for the era.

The gate to the mansion

The entrance hall to the mansion

Court yard where the Chi of the property is centred.

Decoration around the roof is as beautiful and elegant as Peranakan Mansion.

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