Friday, May 7, 2010

'Speakeasy' Formal night Apr19

Second last formal night under the theme of 'Speakeasy'
Jazz and gangsters!

Heo is all dressed-up but he still doesn't look bad enough!

Another Oscar nominee performance by Greg. hhh

Indonesian waiters are rather cute in gangster costume!

Heo with Ellen from Florida.
My un-official girlfriend on stage.

Everyone try to look 'cool' including our assit. waiter Usep and Eloise and Bill.
Joan thinks Bill is funny tonight.

Barbie and Sky being served by our favourate waiter Tourino

Woody and Susie

John and Diane

Assit. restaurant mgr. Colin came to congratulate our table guest tonight Rene's birthday.
Rene is ship's Spa mgr. and is from Cape Town.
She became our best mate.

Everyone came up to the Crow's Nest Bar after the dinner.

John, Greg and Rene having fun.

Adam from Calgary is one of the youngest passengers on board showing off his weapon to Sabrina who is one of cruise activity staff on board.
It seems that everyone is having a great time.

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