Saturday, May 8, 2010

Greg and Heo's Farewell Party Apr23

As the cruise is coming to end, we decided to throw farewell party in our suite!
All our table mates and a group of people went with us for the African safari and other friends came to celebrate!

Maurice from Guernsey Channel Islands would like us to visit his summer house near Lyon, France oneday.
Lovely Marcia and Greg.

Diane and John St. Johns true Californians.
They are not only nice but smart.
They are our table mates as well as ship's daily trivia team and they contribute most of correct answers.
Our team won the Grand Final Trivia!
Thanks to Diane and John!

Sky is disembarking in Seattle where he used to work and live but happy to go back to his home in Massachusetts.

Lovely Martha from Boston posing with Bronwyn.
Bronwyn is a ship's Tai-chi instructor and lives in Port Macquarie, Australia

Rob is also Tai-chi instructor and husband of Bronwyn.
Aussie Aussie Aussie
Oi oi oi!

African safari friends Christine and Peter are from Virginia and having a good time!

Ellen W. from Florida and Jules from Denver

From left , Sue is from Carefree, Arizona, Kathy is from Phoenix, Arizona, Bill and Joan are from Denver
Ellen H. has one of her home in Florida.

Barbie is from Washinton D.C and Kathy is posing with her husband Ralph.

There were 28 guests came to our suite to celebrate our farewell party.
Marcia, Jules, Diane, John, Eloise, Sky, Barbie, Bill, Joan, Rob, Bronwyn, Ellen H, Ellen W, Sue, Ralph, Kathy, Martha, Shirley, Rene, Renee, Mark, Peter, Christine, Maurice, Jan, Dick, Tom and Ellen B.
That was really nice we got all together.
Thank you all for coming!

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