Friday, May 7, 2010

Petropavlovsk, Russia Apr18 Pleasant surprise

Our ship anchoring at Petropavlovsk in Kamchtka peninsula in Russian Siberia.
We booked a ship's tour including the Military museum and city highlights.

Port is surrounded by beautiful snow-covered volcanic mountains.
Only access to this city is by air plane or ship, therefore living cost is higher than the other cities in Russia.
This is the second biggest city in the world where there is no access by road or train.

Serene Bering sea

Everybody is going ashore by tender boat.

We were lucky with weather here again.
Locals only have this fine weather 6 days out of a year and we are sharing one.

Hospitality desk was set-up by local authority at the pier welcoming us with free sample of salmon roe caviar and of course a small glass of Russian vodka.
These two beautiful girls Zhenya and Iva served passengers.

Greg watching over people coming down with parachute.

Some locals are enjoying a nice day and viewing our ship!
Most of locals are impressively nicely dressed.

City's founder St. Paul and St. Peter

The tour took only a half day so we decided to go back to the town on foot.
In front of the Lenin statue.

Vancouver Canada held Winter Olympic games in last February 2010.
Next Winter Olympic games are due in Sochi, Russia 2014.

Little Russian Kyosk on the street.
It is not open on Sundays! I guess?

A souvenir shop on a street.

Animal horns turning into local art works may infuriate some animal activists?

Siberian Huskies and Moose on sleds.

This feels so soft and warm when I tried on.

This beautiful Siberian cat might be endangered species.

A Russian Orthodox church

We witnessed a Christening of a new born baby inside this church above.

A beautiful Russian Orthodox church on road side

A lady sells church souvenirs inside the church we visited early in the morning

City view with snow-covered mountain as background

Our tour bus clibming up the hill

Nice port view with our ship from the hill top

Our tour group is having a break for photo shoot

Houses and apartments where local people live in.

Entrance to the Military museum

The Military museum

We did not find any common language but I managed to find his name and age.
He is a Russian soldier and his name is Nikita. 23yo.
Blond with blue eyes and very friendly.

Some people are playing around the cannon displays on the ground.

Inside the Military museum.

Our tour guide Tatiana lead the group to the local market.

This section of the market sells seafood mainly salmon product.

Salmon roe is also a specialty here.

Some vegetables and pickles.

Most of local people are wearing fur coats and fur hats like this lady who is selling sunglasses on the market.

A lady in a fish shop wearing very colorful make-up

A souvenir shop in the market.
It was very pleasant surprise for us visiting this remote part of the world.
We truely enjoyed Petropavlovsk!

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