Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Formal Apr22 'Fairytale Ball'

Sadly, this will be the very last formal night and the ball.
Cruise director Bruce and cruise activity staff Brock are all dressed up for the Fairytale Ball.
Bruce named Brock 'Samuel Pan' a cousin of Peter Pan.
Brock wasn't impressed with his name 'Sam Pan'
Lovely Joy is beautifully dressed for the night.
However, she was given a name called Samonella instead of Cinderella and cleaning bathroom.
But, still smiling~~
She already knew she would find the shoe?

Greg with Christopher at the bottle shop.

Claude and Sharon are both from Canada.
Claude is from Prince Edwards Island in Nova Scotia.

Rene the Spa salon manager and Greg are stopping for yum yum man as they are leaving the restaurant.
Sweet ginger and minty become our daily refreshment.

Everybody moved to the Queen's lounge after the dinner for the Ball.

Bruce is introducing his activity staff Brock and Katie.

Dancing cheek to cheek~~~

Rene and Greg

Heo and Kat the ship art gallery manager.
Gorgeous Kat is from Canada.

She thinks Greg and Heo are so neat! hh

Stryker the fabulous pianist at the Rembrandt Bar posing with us!

Josh is the cool leader singer of ship's singers and dancers group.
Geoff behind Josh is the ship's internet asst. manager.

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