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Phuket for Phi Phi island, Thailand 16Dec2015

Phuket, Thailand.

It was Phuket Deep Sea Port where our ship docked.
It is on the Eastern side of the island of Phuket.

Phuket's famous Patong beach is on the other side,
Western side of Phuket island.

Most of cruise ships visiting Phuket
usually come to Patong beach and
anchor then use tendering service

We have arranged a private tour to Phi Phi Island.
There were 9 of us from the ship for the tour.

Most of us had lunch box prepared
from the ship which was
sandwich, apple and cookies.

It was rather unimpressed at first
but was quite tasty later when we tried.

We arrived at the pier for the speed boat to the island 
after half an hour ride on mini van from the Deep Sea port.

It was very bumpy ride
as it was on high speed on water.

After half an hour on the boat,
we arrived in a small bay for snorkelling.

People in the water for snorkelling.

I saw hundreds of tropical fish in
different colour and species.

Absolutely enjoyed.

Our captain found this seclude bay to rest
after one hour of snorkelling

 This beautiful tiny beach would be
 just enough for 10 people.
We came here for a drink and short nap.

This area is famous for the movie 'The Beach'
with Leonardo di Caprio

This cave is a home for sea swallows, Swiftlet 
and their nests.
People risking their lives to climb up
to the dangerous cliff to pick bird's nests
for famous Chinese bird's nest soup.

 Our last stop before returning to the ship
was monkey beach where 
we took some photos of cute playful monkeys
and enjoyed another hour of snorkelling.

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