Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Laemchabang for Pattaya, Thailand 23Dec2015

 Laemchabang is a port
that is a gateway to the nation's capital, Bangkok
and beach resort, Pattaya.

We have visited this port
in recent years where we decided
to go to Pattaya instead of Bangkok.

And we decide to do the same today.

Bangkok is only 125km away 
but the traffic jam 
in and out of the city 
is notoriously bad
especially for a day trip, 
Pattaya is just 45 minutes away 
by shuttle bus organised by the ship.

We have been to Bangkok 
so many times before anyway.

 We had facial massage for an hour.
It was so refreshing after that. ^^

 We managed to find this spa
that we used last time.
It was so good that we had to come back.

 There was a local Thai dance show on board
when we returned to the ship after
the massage and good local Thai food for lunch.

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