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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 26-27Dec2015

Old Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This is our fourth visit to the city by cruise ships.

We have been to Phu My port twice by Holland America Line
while Seabourn cruise ship is small enough to sail
right into the city centre through Saigon river.

Phu My port is about one hour drive by bus.

 Sailing into the city on Saigon river

 Turning around the ship for docking 
and our ship almost 
touch the local restaurant ship.
No, not really. ^^;

 Shuttle bus to the Opera House was very handy
and it took just 5 minutes from the ship

 HCMC(Ho Chi Minh City) Opera House

 There is a bit of mood for Holiday season 

 One of the landmark building, 
City Hall
where Ho Chi Minh statue is located.

Wonder how many people would know that
his real name is not Ho Chi Minh.

He was born as Nguyen Sinh Cung (aka Nguyen Tat Thanh).

 Dried Sea cucumbers and sea sponges...

We always come to 
Ben Thanh market first
whenever we are in the city.

It was 10 minutes walk to the market
from where the shuttle bus gets us off.

It is in the city centre and the largest market 
and still interesting and fun place after so many visits.

Pho 2000 is the restaurant next to the market
 we always have Pho beef noodle soup
whenever we are in town.

It became famous for tourists when Bill Clinton 
visited the restaurant in the year of 2000.

After lunch, we went to have oil massage for an hour
at Indochine Spa that is not far from the market.
The same place I had massage on my last visit.

It was so good that I had to return this time again.
Only I took 3 more customers from the ship this time. ^^

We all had to wait for an hour as this place was so busy.
But we all agreed that it was well worth it.
Will have to make a booking next time.

 Saigon by night


We were taking easy on our second day in the city
by doing some shoppings, getting foot massage
 and trying new restaurant for lunch.

These spring rolls are excellent at  
Lemongrass restaurant.

 Tasty food, too but a can of cold local beer
was the star for me as hot and humid weather exhausted me.

 Some returning Western journalists 
can have nostalgic moment
on the roof top bar of this historic hotel.

 Leaving Ho Chi Minh city

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