Sunday, January 10, 2016

Minnathu village, Bagan, Myanmar 13Dec2015

After buffet breakfast at the hotel Bagan Lodge,
Minh and his driver took us to a local village.

There are about 60 houses 
and they are mainly farmers.

People were so friendly to tourists
and welcoming to show us
how they live.
 This lady is cleaning her front yard 
as we were approaching.

She was smoking a kind of cigar
made of palm tree and corn.
She was demonstrating to us
how she makes her cigar.


 People were busy with
their harvest at the time of the year.
Peanuts and sesame seeds.

Rural lives here seem to be
very basic but peaceful.

 Every house hold has few cows
and pigs in their yard


 harvesting peanuts

 Peanuts here are very small
but also extra nutty in flavour

 Our tour guide Minh was wearing
a village chief's crown in a village souvenir shop.
It is made of cow's teeth.

 They also make some silver crafts.

Next stop was a local lacquer ware factory.
Mya Thit Sar Handicraft shop.

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