Thursday, January 21, 2016

An elephant on a busy road in Sihanoukville, Cambodia 25Dec2015

Christmas day in Cambodia.

Well, not that I was expecting or looking for, 
but there is not any hint showing that 
it is Christmas day today in this country
that majority of population is Buddhist.

It was just another hot and humid day in Cambodia.

We have been to this port and 
hired a tuk tuk for few hours last time.
Have seen very interesting Buddhist temple
and spent a couple of hours
on outdoor poolside at
a luxury five star beach resort hotel.

We took a shuttle bus from the port
to the city centre where a large local
market is located.

 Greg and other friends negotiated with this Tuk Tuk driver
and went off for few hours while
I decided to look around the market area.

 I saw this elephant on the road just
100 metres away from the market.

 I couldn't believe my eyes at first sight.
Bumping into an elephant on a busy road 
is not something
you could see anywhere else easily.

 Shop venders are feeding the elephant
sugar canes and bucket of water.

 Must be the largest market in Sihanoukville

 Guava or green papaya?

 Hairy rambutan fruit that tastes like lychee

 Pickled small crab, baby squid and shrimps

 Flowers are always nice to see.
Large ones in the middle are lotus flowers.

 Sea snails

 Local sweets

Cambodian traditional dance performance 
was on board this evening.

Photo opportunity with dancers in fabulous costumes

 There were two shows tonight as
 it happens quite often on this cruise.

These two guys used to be busking on 
a street of Melbourne, Australia
before they were discovered by an agent
about one year ago.

Half Japanese guy on violin
and Taiwanese guy on guitar.

They have been performing on cruise ships
ever since as they are in high demand.

They rocked the ship tonight.
Well done guys!

 We arranged a large table tonight
and invited Jacqueline, the assistant cruise director
and Mark, the future cruise consultant.

Both are so nice and lovely people
and we had very pleasant dinner for Christmas.

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