Thursday, February 16, 2012

9Feb Le Cirque Dinner

It is 4th day at sea since we have left Punta Arenas on Sunday evening.
In the meantime, our dear friends, Martha and Bob from Boston threw a nice party on 7th at Explorer’s lounge.
They invited about 80 people before dinner.
How nice are they!?
They have done it before in 2010 world cruise as well!

There has been formal night with theme of Mutiny of Bounty.
It was the Wednesday night of 8th.
As Greg and I walked around the ship with pirate’s cap, hat, moustache, earing and eye-patch just before the dinner, we noticed that we were getting a lot of looks from fellow passengers.
Some were giving us thumbs up with smiles and evil gaze from some.
It seems that our table mates are the only ones who came up with matching party costumes.

All of our table mates signed up for Le Cirque dinner at the Pinnacle restaurant on Thursday night.
It is the second Le Cirque dinner from the Pinnacle restaurant for this cruise.
It is a new concept that HAL has been promoting.
Le Cirque is one of the best restaurants in New York City and the chef Das of Pinnacle is completing the whole course on board.
Flute Virtuoso by Tara, Parisian juggler Jaz, English guitar female trio, Musical songs from the ship’s cast members, funny comedian Jeff, Australian operatic singer Douglas McRae and mini film festival have been the entertainments on board since Punta Arenas.
And, our table mates are celebrating our 7th win of team trivia.

Grrrrrrrr, scary?

One of our waiters, Andy with Greg

The officer of the night for our table is young Cadet Robina from Holland and Sky with his stuffed Parrot on his head

My dates tonight as we are so ready...
From left, me, Greg, John, Eloise, Woody, Susie and Diane

Beautiful China from Le Cirque

Amuse bouche - Foie Gras mouse on rhubarb chutney - Hmmmmm

Trio – Foie Gras, Caviar and smoked salmon – Such a classic!

Lobster salad – Yum ^^

Butternut squash soup with Huckleberries and cream – One of the best dishes of the night

Alaskan Black Cod with reduced red wine sauce – Delicious!

Rack of Lamb with goat cheese – Wow!

Crème Brulee or Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream – Everybody loved them the most!

Happy Chappy!

Petit fours with espresso

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