Friday, February 3, 2012

28Jan Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (UK)

All of us includes the Captain were not sure if we could dock in Falkland Islands where is one of the remotest places on earth.
On our last cruise on 2010, we were unable to anchor off the island due to rough seas as it is a tender port.
Majority of passengers signed up for ship’s tour to see penguins especially one meter high King penguin.
We were one of few who have not booked any tour as we were skeptical about the visit and have seen already thousands of penguins in previous tours.
After the leisurely breakfast, we got on tender boat about 10am.
There was another cruise ship in bay and it was Star Princess with three thousands passengers.
It took about 20 minutes to arrive at Port Stanley, the capital in western side of two islands.
There were more tourists than locals on the streets of this quiet small town of three thousand residents.
We went to one of the souvenir shops and were impressed with their large range of merchandise.
Lucky enough for us, it was fine day with 24C but it was very windy.
Walk against harsh wind about an hour alongside the waterfront promenade was unique experience.
Some of the victory monuments on war in between Britain and Argentina at 1982 were found around the town.

We were encouraged to try squid dish the local delicacy.
Luckily, we got an advice from right people and we went to a restaurant in hotel Malvina.
We ordered squid, buffalo chicken wings and fish and chips for lunch and were very happy with soft and tender calamari.
Definitely one of the best calamari rings we ever have!

Yes, we are almost at the end of the world!
Eerie remoteness feeling.

Tender boats approaching to Port Stanley

Arch in front yard of Anglican Church is made of two blue whale jawbones

King penguins on a postcard which I could have seen if I had taken a tour.

There are more than 10,000 King penguins live on the islands as well as thousands of Gentoo penguin, Magellan penguin and Rockhopper penguin.

Local school building

Victory monument of war against Argentina at 1982

Jetty visitor center at the port

A house and a tree that I can not name

Most tender and soft Calamari rings and hot Buffalo chicken wings, Yum!

Inside the restaurant of Malvina hotel

In front of the post office Falkland Islands UK.

Only once a month flight is allowed over Argentina but British air forces fly from London twice a week.
So, postcards we mailed to friends and my parents here will still arrive before we finish our cruise in 3 months. Ha ha

Port Stanley from the hill top

Colorful houses in Port Stanley

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