Sunday, May 29, 2016

Salalah la la, Oman

Salalah is another port of Oman 
our cruise ship arrived
on our next day from Muscat.

We teamed up with two other American friends
and got on the complimentary shuttle bus from the port.

When we got off the shuttle bus,
we were swarmed by a mob of taxi drivers 
who were fighting on us.
It was so bad that we were quite scared of the scene.
We chose one of them after intervene 
by a couple of local tourist police.

We were happy with the driver we were lead by the man.
A polite and nice young man he was.

We left our daily itinerary to our driver for few hours.

First we were taken to Crown Plaza hotel
after driving around the old and new part of Salalah.

Last visit to this port, all we did was having
lunch at the Hilton hotel for few hours with
another passenger friends and came back to the ship.

Felt sort of guilt then 
as it was my virgin visit but
did not do anything as a tourist.

Crown Plaza hotel lobby

^^ Bedouin tent found in the corner of the hotel lobby

Outdoor pool and a beach are 
behind the hotel

 Four of us decided to share a mezze plate as a lunch
in the hotel restaurant and they were very nice.

There are some interesting looking building around.

Quite a big shopping mall 

One of our friends wanted to have 
a haircut with a good massage
which we were just told while in town
but we couldn't find the one 
without proper previous information.

He ended up having a haircut in this barber 
without the proper massage.
He only paid $1.oo for the haircut, though.
Must have been the cheapest, ever!

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