Thursday, May 12, 2016

Beautiful Spring time in Hong Kong

 It has been just 2 months 
since we were in Hong Kong
when we disembarked wonderful 
Seabourn cruise in early January.

It was cold and rainy when we got up 
to the Victoria Peak as part of a ship's tour
includes airport drop off, then.
As a result, we saw nothing from the peak
but thick fog around.

This time in Hong Kong, 
we are to join the world cruise
ms Amsterdam, Holland America Line
that began in Fort Lauderdale 2 months ago.

We will be doing just half of the world cruise
which starts in Hong Kong 
and finish in Fort Lauderdale.

It will go through South China Sea,
Indian Ocean, Suez canal,
Mediterranean Sea and trans Atlantic
before Florida at the end of April.

ms Amsterdam docked at the cruise terminal
for three days on this world voyage.

We will be embarking on its second day in Hong Kong.

We decided to stay in Marco Polo hotel
for a night
which is 2 minutes walk to the terminal
for convenience.

We met our dear friends for a high tea,
a couple from Denver, Colorado who 
are doing whole world voyage.

 They were so good as they look...^^

Beautiful night scene in Hong Kong harbour
with light show from the ship deck
was really something special.

There are few cruise friends on board
when we got on the ship
who are so happy to see us again
and welcomed us.

 Next morning, the last day in Hong Kong,
we took a ferry and headed to the island.

 It was early March but beautiful with 
blue sky and early Summer temperature.

We went to the peak again to make it up to the last time.

Spectacular view from the peak.
This is what we came for and
what I remembered from 20 years ago.

 What a view!!!

 There are carp in the roof top pond.

This year is the year of monkey.

We are off to another voyage with exotic ports
and friends we expect to catch up
and meet as new.


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