Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Best Vietnamese Food ever in Ho Chi Minh City

Our cruise ms Amsterdam docked
 in industrial port of Phy My 
where is about one hour bus drive away
 from Ho Chi Minh City today.

Last year, we were able to cruise
right into the city through Saigon river.
But it was with Seabourn cruise
which is a much smaller tonnage.

We have been here numerous times
but it seems that what we have seen
and eaten have been more or less same.

But, it was different this time!

There are couple of friends from Sydney
who are holidaying here for a month.

It is quite exciting to come across and
catch up with friends who are also on the road.

After we gladly met them in Rex Hotel in town,
We took a taxi to a Vietnamese restaurant.
We have told them what we wanted to try this time.
Really nice local food for lunch!

 A kind of shellfish salad. Yum.

Nice decor and clientele inside the restaurant
gave us a impression
that this is a high-end restaurant.
Of course, the price list too.
But, it is still affordable to
compare to one at home in Sydney.

 Assorted Wraps

 Exotic salad dish made of Banana blossom with Shrimp

 They are all very tasty and
beautifully presented!

 I wanted to try local coffee
and here we are!
Cool cafe right in front of 
the Unification Palace.
It was nice and very strong!

After quite different but nice day in this city
with a bonus catching up with friends from home,
we went to Ben Thanh market as usual.
Shopping in this market is alway a fun thing anyway!

City hall building behind the statue of Ho Chi Minh
and their currency notes with his face on them below.

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