Friday, May 27, 2016

Biggest Swarovski Chandelier, Abu Dhabi

It is our second day in Dubai with ms Amsterdam.
We had ship's tour to Abu Dhabi booked few months ago.

Aldar HQ building is greeting us 
as our tour bus is entering into Abu Dhabi.

Financially, Abu Dhabi is like a big brother toward Dubai
but Dubai's skyline is still far more impressive...

Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

The most beautiful mosque that I have ever seen!

 It was not that easy to take photos like these
when there are thousand of tourists around.

Very elegant chandelier at the entrance of the Grand Mosque.

Moment of truth!
This is the world's biggest Swarovski chandelier!
10 x 15 metres and 12 ton

This beautiful carpet is the biggest in the world.

Great opportunity to taste local cuisine.
It was quite authentic and delicious buffet food.
Enjoyed the lunch very much.

Highlight was pistachio nut stuffed dates.
So yummy...^^;

UAE Pavilion

It was about an hour to drive back to Dubai.
It was a kind of long day but we are glad to have 
Abu Dhabi ticked from our bucket list to visit.

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