Thursday, May 29, 2014

Times Square Causeway Bay, Hong Kong March2014

We took a ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui to Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.

It was more than half an hour walk for us 
from Wan Chai to Causeway Bay.
It looked about 10 minuets walk on the map.

 We have been always lucky with food, here...hh

 Times Square Hong Kong

 Times Square Causeway Bay probably is the most expensive property in Hong Kong

 Serenade Chinese restaurant at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Tsim Sha Tsui for Yum Cha

                        Having Yum Cha lunch with Billy on our second day in Hong Kong


 Dinner with local friends Billy and Paul at Peking Garden restaurant Star House

 Peking Garden restaurant

 The Langham hotel Tsim Sha Tsui lobby where we stayed.
So close to the cruise terminal.

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