Friday, May 30, 2014

Ko Kood, Thailand 24Mar14

It can not get better than this!

Another Seabourn Special Event!
"Caviar in the Surf"

Our ship anchored on secluded beach in island near 
Thai and Cambodian border, Ko Kood.
There were no one but passengers and crew.

When we tendered to the shore, they already set up 
tables and chairs for whole passengers of 420.
Lobster tails and steaks are on BBQ and 
full buffet table is prepared in front of it.


The captain on a zodiac is coming to the beach 
while we are sipping cocktails and champagne.

 The restaurant manager and his staff prepared caviar on surfing boards.

 And, wine stewards are also in the water serving champagne

 Water sports for everyone!
Kayak, boat and banana boat for some...

 How decadent is this!
It could only happen in dream...
We will never ever forget this moment!
Thank you Seabourn crew and staff.

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