Saturday, May 31, 2014

Main Dinning room -The Restaurant dish we enjoyed so much

Executive chef for Seabourn Sojourn is 
Graeme Cockburn from UK who is doing a brilliant job 
to satisfy just about every passenger on board.

We had a guest chef also from Scotland 
who had cooking classes on board.
His name is Andrew Fairlie and 
runs two Michelin star awarded restaurant 
in Gleneagles Hotel near Glasgow.

Seabourn main dinning room The Restaurant


Nicely presented Caviar!
You can order this anytime on board.
In fact, passengers had it in the bar The Club, Patio Grill bar on pool side, 
as an appetiser in the restaurant and room service.



 Pate de foie gras



 Ballontine of duck foie gras

 Chocolate hedgehog

 Crab cake

 Smoked lobster

White bean truffle veloute

Our Russian room attendant Julia made this cute boat 
with our photos on one night.
It was so cute!

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