Sunday, September 17, 2017

Juneau Heli Adventure - This is what we came here for but...

Juneau from the cruise balcony

There were 3 other large cruise liners 
along with ours ship, ms Eurodam

Eurodam has about 2,000 passenger capacity and it was full. 

We and other 4 friends from Sydney have booked
a private tour about 3 months ago for this port.

Glacier by helicopter and dog sled!
We have been looking forward to it so much ever since!

We still had couple of hours before pick-up time for the tour.

So we enjoyed walking around streets with tourist shops and
 restaurants while we were waiting for the tour.

Despite of thick cloud forming on top of the mountain,
there are lot of people going up by cable car!

This is our pick-up!

Less than half an hour, we arrived at the airport 
and saw our helicopter!

Yeah ~~~

A crew came and told us that our tour is cancelled!


"The weather suddenly changed to bad
 in the glacier area we were going to
and it can be too dangerous for the sake of our safety"

The helicopter we were suppose to be on
 had to go and rescue other tourists stranded...

It was bitterly disappointed but I would rather stay on land 
rather than risking our lives in remote glacier in Alaska!

We returned to the port area and looked for the last minute tour.

Helicopter tour around the port area were still operating
as the weather in the area can be totally different to the other side 
but they were already sold out.

Whale watching cruises are available but
we have seen few whales already on our way.

So we all went to a local pub and had beer!

Same tour with other operator but sold out... 

Never mind!
Surely, we will come back here for it one day...

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