Friday, September 22, 2017

Beautiful Sitka - Totem Poles everywhere...

After a day of scenic cruising around Glacier Bay
National Park, we arrived in our second port, Sitka.

There was free shuttle bus running from the port
to the town centre every half an hour.

Beautiful flowers around the town!

We were lucky with weather, too!

Wild Salmon!
And they are everywhere water is running...

There were a lot of private local tour operators greeted us
when we got off the shuttle bus.

We pick one of brochures and maps.

After short study, we decided to walk to Sitka National Historical Park
as recommended by a friendly lady at the tourist information centre.

We went into the museum for local history then
walked along the path in thick forest
behind the museum where 
so many totem poles are erected.


Air couldn't be fresher than here!

There is a small river along the seaside
where I spotted so many wild salmon swimming around.

A church on our way back to town.

Celebrating 150th year since
 Russian Empire sold
Alaska to USA in March, 1867 
and it was for $7.2M (less than 2 cents per acre)

What a bargain!

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