Monday, June 2, 2014

Venice, Italy 1 - 3May14

We joined the group of other passengers on observation deck 
early in the morning when the ship sailed into Venice.

It was awesome!

One of the most beautiful city in the world 
from the top of cruise ship.

It was cold and windy but most of people seems not care.

We were there to enjoy the spectacular scene
spread out in front of our eyes.

 Sadly, Seabourn Sojourn's 2014 world cruise ended here.

We joined the cruise from Hong Kong and 
enjoyed 48 days only versus 
whole world cruiser's 116 days but 
we were so happy and satisfied with it's service and
 being part of the world cruise.

After well-organised disembarkation process 
we transfered to this luxurious looking water taxi
and headed to our hotel.

 San Marco piazza

 We went to Lido since it was gorgeous sunny day

 Lunch in Lido

 Lido beach

 Hotel we stayed for few nights near San Marco piazza

 It rained whole day on our second and third day in Venice :(

Food was always good in Italy and Venice is not exception ^^

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