Monday, June 2, 2014

Florence, Italy 6May14

We left Bellagio in the early morning 
to be able to reach Florence before noon 
when we are supposed to return the car.

It was pleasant to drive on road even though 
it is narrow and winding on a hill side
as there was hardly any other car on the road. ^^

There has not been any problem to drive around 
without any maps or GPS.
Road signs are good enough.

Actually, we did google the direction from Bellagio 
to the rent car office in Florence night before 
and printed out as a back-up plan.

But here we are in Florence without any dramas or getting lost.
It took us nearly 5.5 hours.

Basilica di Santa Maria Novella behind the train station

 We were very happy with the hotel 
we stay for few nights.
It has a mezzanine floor for the bedroom
 and an Italian charm.

Room size was about 4 times 
bigger than the one in Venice.

It is 10 minutes to the main train station and 
15 minutes to the city centre where 
all the tourist attractions are.

We did line up for an hour to get tickets 
for Galleria Academia
to see the statue of David in real. :(

On our second day, we went to Galleria Uffizi
with reserved ticket to avoid long line for the ticket.
One can learn lesson in a hard way.

It has been 20 years since I have visited here 
but it was new year's eve.
Unfortunately, I did not have opportunity
to go inside the galleries then.
But I made it this time.
Happy Chappy... :)

 Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore

Probably the most beautiful Duomo in Italy if not for the one in Milan


 Piazza della Signoria

Piazza della Signoria where there are so many restaurants
around and we had dinner in one of these restaurant one night


 Ponte Vecchio bridge

 View of the bridge from the Uffizi galleria

Inside the Duomo

Food was really good in this restaurant over looking the bridge and river

Best gelato and the most expensive one so far :)

No, we did not put the coin in the mouth of this Boar statue
and rub its nose as per the legend
but we were sure well return this fabulous city ^^

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