Saturday, March 10, 2012

8Mar. King Neptune Ceremony for crossing the Equator

Kiss the fish! Kiss the fish! Kiss the fish!
People were chanting with their fists up in the air with complimentary drink for today Equator Sling!
Today is the day!
King Neptune Ceremony for crossing the Equator safe!

From the left, Barbara (ship’s travel guide) with red scarf on her head deserves the best make-up.
Cruise director Bruce came up with white beard and the funniest script for the ceremony.
Natasha (ship’s entertainer, dancer) looks great in green mermaid suit.
Ship’s hostess Adele is the queen of the ocean today. Definitely, green is her color!
Assistant cruise director Brett in the King Neptune costume.

This big cod fish is not so pretty nor smells good to kiss!

The fish and the captain Mercer on right

Selected crews with their crimes are waiting for the verdict and punishment.

Fresh yoghurt and ice cream anyone? It is actually made of cream and whipped white egg.

Before &..

After. ^^

Hmmmm, smells and tastes good. No, just kidding...

Lucky ones got ordered to plunge into the pool and not so lucky ones had to sit down at the pool side with gross stuff on their bodies…eweee

But, it was a fun morning for everyone!

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