Friday, June 3, 2016

Bahai Garden, most well managed yet the most beautiful garden, Haifa, Israel

It is Saturday when we arrived in Haifa, Israel 
which means it is a day for Jewish Shabbat.

Most of people in Israel doesn't work
and most of shops don't open for business today.

That's why the ship came to Haifa first
not Ashdod even though port of Ashdod
is closer from Suez canal that we just came out of.

Most of passengers want to take tours
to Jerusalem, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Galilee, Dead sea, Masada...
when in Ashdod.
And it can not be a day of Shabbat.

I and two other friends walked from the port
to the foot of the garden, Bahai.

It is second time for me to visit this beautiful garden
but it is their first time for my friends.

 We took a taxi from the foot of the garden
to the top of the garden where we enjoyed the whole
view of the port where our cruise ship docked.

I was very disappointed last time
when the garden was closed for public
so I could only take some photos from the top entrance.

But it is open today.

About half an hour waiting,
we could join the free tour of the garden 
in English with a guide.

Great timing.
We were lucky and happy.

It took about an hour to come down the stairs 
of this magnificent hanging garden 
in a group lead by our guide.

Due to large number of tourists turned up,
we were divided into two groups with two guides.

Commentary from our guide was
mainly about how they maintain
this garden and their background of 
Bahai religion and their devoted
Quite interesting.

Me and my friends were so taken by
the beauty of the garden 
as well as
how well managed and perfectly manicured
to display with colourful flowers and trees around.

I could come back to this garden again
when I return to Haifa.

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