Sunday, April 8, 2012

29Mar Mumbai, India

Greg and I started our second day in Mumbai leisurely about 11am.
Temperature is soaring already 33C.
We were almost kidnapped by one taxi driver who would charge only for $1 to the Taj Mahal hotel.
He introduced himself as Raj originally from Punjab.
We were so impressed with Raj with his excellent English and manner for 5 star standards.
Unfortunately, we only wanted to go to the hotel despite of his attempt to change our mind.
He tried hard but nicely to convince us to take a city tour with him or visit souvenir shops he was going to take us to.
We wished we could!
Maybe, next time, Raj!

We have noticed barricaders and check points around the Gateway of India just in front of the hotel.
It probably keeps beggars away from both national and international tourists.
After taking some photos of the hotel and the Gateway of India that was built in 1911 for the visit of King George V, we went to Colaba market again.
I bought a small elephant statue decorated in shiny glass mosaic as a souvenir.
Greg was happy to find a shirt that fits him.
I went back to the same internet café for half an hour for an internet and rang my mother in Sydney to say hello.
All for a dollar!

We decided to check out some of Mumbai’s grandeur architects that we only have seen from taxis in previous visit.
Modern Art Gallery at the huge round-about was the first.
Unfortunately, we could not get the entry as it only accepts Indian rupees.
Credit cards and US dollar bills were the only ones we had here and we usually get away with it.
Mumbai university buildings and High Court building were magnificent as we walked alongside the big sports parks.
It was awesome to face the Victoria Terminus, the railway station.
It is massive and beautiful building!
According to James Cameron, it is St. Pancras mixed of Italian, Oriental, Saracenic, Baroque, Victorian and Gothic.
Going inside the building was even more overwhelmed.
There are so many people in and out of trains over countless platforms.
There are half million people passing through this huge train terminal on a daily basis.
It was as if a group of youngsters would dance on a platform with the song Jay Ho from the movie Slum dog Millionaire.
Aren’t we in Mumbai the epicenter of Bollywood?
It was strange feeling that Greg and I were the only foreign people in this big crowd but nobody seemed to care much about it.
What an experience!
India is truly incredible!

Taj Mahal Hotel

Gateway of India

Muslim Indian lunch at Delhi Darbar restaurant behind the hotel was the best Indian dish so far.

Legal Indian drug people chew and spit out. It is made of beetle nut rolled in sweet tree leave with other herbs and red color. A person who is chewing this would give impression of Dracula with fresh blood around mouth.

Mumbai university building with clock tower

Statue of Queen Victoria on top of the building Victoria Terminus, railway station.

Greg on a platform inside the Victoria terminus.

We were lured by the taxi driver first and got shocked when we saw the vehicle about 10 meters away from the station.
The taxi we returned to the ship with was an absolute bomb.
We were too tired and exhausted by the heat to say no.
It was hilarious that this one is falling apart everywhere without even door handles but actually had a floor to rest our feet.

Local dance group got on board to perform traditional Indian show.

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