Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pre Cruise Holiday - second day in Fort Lauderdale

Next day morning I have found the bed in the hotel was so good that we called it a heavenly bed.
It is for sale if you want to have it.
$7,000?!$%# ;-{
I might have to think about it twice…hh
As we walked out of the hotel, another fine day was waiting for us.
There were many people on the beach enjoying sunbathing.
But, we were heading to town to meet up with Rico.
Rico was Assistant F & B manager from the world cruise 2010.
He sent me a message through Facebook that he will be in Fort Lauderdale.
Thanks to internet high-tech!
He now is working on Westerdam as F & B manager and would like to catch up with us for lunch.
We were so glad to see him again.
He was still in uniform as he only had couple of hours to spare in between his duties.
We found a cozy looking European restaurant on Las Olas Blvd. and had pizza and pasta.
It was nice to catch up with him after nearly 2 years when we saw him last.
After he returned to his work shortly after lunch, we caught a taxi to pick up the rental car on our 2nd day of Fort Lauderdale.
We got wheels and GPS!

Beautiful day waits for us as we walk out of the hotel

Most people’s idea of holiday comes true here

Fort Lauderdale Boulevard

Las Olas Blvd. hub of Fort Lauderdale

Some interesting stuff displayed on shop windows on Las Olas Blvd.

Carnival Freedom was docked in Port Everglades and ready to embark!

Judge Judy earns 22 million a year by yelling at people, recently sold this yacht for 20 million

This is one of the most expensive mansions around here with 35 million price tag

Venice of America! ~
Canals are everywhere!
We have done it 2 years ago and loved it.
And again this time!
1.5 hours canal cruise around Fort Lauderdale with Carrie-B canal cruise

On top floor of Carrie-B canal cruise

Miami Vice house with outdoor pool goes right inside the house

A pirate ship and a small boat are having lot of fun with water canon

People on pedal boards and a dog seem to enjoy it

6 million dollar man Lee Majors bought this mansion with Farah for 6 million

One of waterfront mansion with pagoda

Coming back to town with Carrie-B

Greg in front of Carrie-B

Las Olas Blvd.

Cafes and Restaurants on blvd. but no fast restaurants are found here.

Had lunch with Rico

Restaurants and Bars on the beach strip are packed

The view of Fort Lauderdale from our hotel room

Going back to our hotel for good sleep. ^^

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  1. Followed your last WC blog that was most interesting--really pleased that you are posting another

    Much appreciated

    Just returned to Phuket from 30 days Syd-Syd on the Zaandam--seems I should have booked the Amsterdam--looks much better--recall really enjoying the Antarctic cruise on her Xmas 2004 !