Wednesday, January 18, 2012

9Jan Roseau, Dominica

We arrived at Roseau, Dominica at noon as our first port.
The youngest island in Caribbean Sea.
So it is very rugged.
Dominica means Sunday in Spanish, although English is their first language.
We have booked a half day ship’s tour ‘Dominica’s favorite’
Total population of the country is about 70,000.
We enjoyed bird’s-eye view of Roseau port from the side of Morne Bruce viewpoint.
Then, we were driven to Botanic garden and saw Cashew nut tree, African tulip tree, Sausage tree, Cannon ball fruit tree, and colorful green Jaco bird in a large cage found only in Dominica.
Trafalgar twin waterfalls after 20 minutes’ walk through thick rainforest
We walked down to valley look like Jurassic Park for about 30 minutes to reach Emerald Pool in Trois Pitons National Park before return to the ship.
Tonight, we were entertained by Amsterdam cast in a production show ‘Back to Broadway’

Ms Amsterdam docked at Roseau, Dominica
Local souvenir shops on top of the mountain

A lonely shop surround by beautiful poinsettia and bougainvillea

Sausage tree but not edible - Photos above and below

Cannon ball fruit tree

Same size of honeydew but not edible and it has stinky smell

Trafalgar twin falls
This is our tour guide Amanda

Beautiful rainforest

A stop for a local drink – bottles of banana juice, grape juice and pineapple juice along with their folk dance performance and music

Last stop – Emerald Pool
Weather changes as we drove up to high mountain valley.

Eerie feeling like we are in Jurassic park
Emerald pool and fall after 30 minutes’ walk into rainforest and valley

Gorgeous red, pink and yellow ginger flowers are everywhere

Local art and craft

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